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Only meat game that I know is Kingdom of Loathing... it isn't it?
Yup, that would be the one.
(And what game is Nexus Clash?
If I get enough people to agree then I'll ask people for games which might be interesting to play. Then I'll gladly share Nexus Clash info myself.

Good initiative EoF :-)

We now have a subforum for exclusively this purpose. Go ahead and try to revitalize it with a thread for the game you're interested in, or any number of threads/games:

I myself have never been a lot into online multiplayer, and I don't have a lot of time; but I'm not saying no in advance either :-)
I know that already. This thread is about me asking if people are interested or not. I'm not willing to try to start something which will die out simply out of interest.

I also dislike the subforums when trying to get the attention of people because subforums don't show as well as the main forums on the main board page.

To be frank, I'm not even sure if there is enough regular left who would be interested in this to bother. I sure hope so tho.
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