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Default Gamers from Abandonia, please read and advise

Greetings Abandonians.

Any old timers on the board know me; for you I need no introduction. For those who are rather new, let's just say that I am part of the "old guard" of this site.

I am writing this post as I just received an email from an old internet game I used to play going by the name of "Nexus Clash". That game closed down a few years ago as far as I know and now they seemingly opened up again. As you need to register an email address to play and I still have the same email address since almost 20 years now, they used their database sent me an email to tell me they were live and maybe I'd be interested to play again. Nice of them isn't?

The main point about this is: why would I play alone? I didn't really keep contact with the other players I used to group with and even if I did it was years ago. If I were to seriously consider playing again, I'd like to have many friends or contact I already know so we can band together and have some fun. Then, the real reason why I am writing this struck me: the only real steady and seemingly eternal gaming site I ever knew is It been here forever and the main focus of this site always been gaming right?

Second point: this forum seem rather dead. It sure look like it when I compare it to "the good old days" I remember when I was active on the board. The main reason why I lost interest in this forum is because I also lost interest on the main site when the new games being posted on the headlines trickled down to almost nothing. Then of course real life got in the way too...

My proposition is then this: how about we try to revitalize the board by creating groups of people with the direct purpose to all play together as a group on an internet game? I do remember the time when a lot of the regulars were playing that meat game (which I don't remember the name now) which spurred a lot of interest and activity. There is also the prime example of The Abandoned on that zombie game (link in my signature), group and game which still exist to this day. Other browser games like this must exist on the net.

Of course we would need a bare minimum of people to participate so it don't stall down and die. And it is why I need your input: would YOU be interested to do this?

End of File.

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