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I've seen a few copies of the new Xcom at my local WallMart the other day. Somehow I didn't think it would get around so much as a hard copy.

When I looked at the cover art and the resume, one thing which struck me quite fast is that there is no actual screenshot or even a real description of what the real game is like. The only relevant observation you can find is XCOM labeled quite big on the box and a story which strangely sound like a copy of the story of the original.

To be frank, would I have not known better (and that my computer would be able to run the game, but that's a completely different story) I would have been quite tempted to purchase the game only to see if it is any good. Since I know better though, it is obvious that the game only have the hype which is remotely related to the original.

And that's exactly the kind of hypocrisy which I denounce when I say that some new developers (actually most of them now) make new games under the old franchise names. Because they actually make way, way more sales with a mediocre (when compared to the original you actually love) game this way.
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