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Hello guys,

I have just downloaded Albion, then I installed it. When I hit .exe of it, it gave me a info(in console) that I have to put CD of the game inside. So I downloaded DosBox and installed it just as it is said in tutorial. When I digged to game file(well it took some time ), the pop up was the same. I know there is a way to make my PC think that CD with information(guess cd is what was included in download, the CD folder with autorun and things in it) is inside and this can be probably made up using DosBox, so my question is: how can I do a fake CD using DosBox(step by step instruction or some link would be very helpful)? I didn't know what words to search too . My sys is xp of course :/. I'd be very if you help me(you've probably noticed that I am not a smartass in matters like it :P)

With kind regards,
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