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well for graphics i have good experience with a old Trident 9680 2mb pci card.

Cirrius Logic or Tseng would probally be good too, or maybe S3 Trio64.

My old dos machine is a celeron 366Mhz, and it works fine with the old dos games that im playing.
other specs are:
ABit BM6 motherboard
128MB SDRam
Trident 9680 2MB Ram.
Asus 52x CDROM drive
old 235Watt PSU
10/100 Mbit NIC
60Gig Seagate Harddrive
floppydrive / with my custom made bootdisk, for when i want to boot dos up.
Soundblaster AWE 64 Value ISA card.

the NIC is for when i boot up WinXP on it, so i can download old games straight to the machine.
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