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Default FryFro - 14,000 DOS games on my PC. want some?

I was browsing a private torrent site, and I found a torrent claiming to have 14,000 dos games included in the 30 GB file. There were notes from the original team in the torrent, and I read on their site about how it's their mission to document and include every single dos game in their collection. The file I have is the eleventh version of their release. I tried a few games, and so far it's legitimate. They claim to test and clean up every single file, as well as include both patched and unpatched versions.

Now I'm not scamming you, I like this site. I wrote a review for one of the games here a few months ago, and I finally got around to changing my password so I could access the forums. Terribly sorry that I'm not at home at the moment, but I couldn't resist posting this. I will provide links and screenshots once I'm home. Am I a slowpoke and do you guys already know about this?

EDIT: After reading the rules of sharing games, I realized that I might not have a whole lot of games to share with you guys with the probability of more than half of the games being warez is high. I will share the games I can share, though. Hopefully I can offer something you've been looking for

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