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Im gonna complain about the review..This game is not in Lytton at all :P This is plainly LAPD, as all the SWAT games they are in Los Angeles

<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(dodginess @ Jul 14 2005, 01:23 AM) [snapback]131055[/snapback]</div>
Whether this helps anyone or not, you really need to run PQ4 in Windows mode to get the best out of it if you're installing it from the PQ Collection disks. The installer/setup procedure is particularly flaky anyway and I suspect that the games featured in the collection have been updated to make them more compatible with Windows 95 (and consequently less so with DOS). Anyone that's installed the collection version of PQ1 will know that the Alt-D cheat was removed, for example.

Another minus point from the collection (which I bought around 1998 I think) was that the manual didn't have all the codes you needed to play PQ1VGA and PQ2 properly - the locker code is missing for PQ1VGA and the names needed to complete the copy protection in PQ2 are missing - helpful! Anyone needing these details can probably find them in any of the normal walkthroughs, etc.

In case I've missed the point (not the first time) why is anyone running this in DOSBox anyway?
In my collection manual you got both of the things....Or..The code is disguised as a newsarticle....The results of the football match = The locker code
And I know I`m a year late
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