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From what I understand Thief I pitted you against the Pagans (the weird plant-growing freaks)
while Thief II pitted you against The Mechanists (the industrial religion, sworn enemies of the pagans)
I wanted to play Thief II (I really likes the strange mechanical/medieval world of the original game) but never found it being sold single.
And since I already have Thief I I don't don't to buy the double pack.
A lot of fans think Thief I is the best one mostly due to the creepy zombie missions.

Thief, besides it concept, also aims at creating a creepy/strange atmosphere.
In this aspect I think Thief III did great ('The Cradle' level was 5 times creepier than any Doom 3 mission... and half of that level didn't even have a single enemy)

pat b
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