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Default [Megaten] Big Business

Hi all,
you've helped me once already with naming a game, maybe you can do it again

The details:

-played in early 90s (possibly 1990-93, could have been developed before then)
-VGA graphics, 2D, decent one too
-the game was business themed (but not a THEME series game), the player could do various things like e.g. buying/selling (stocks/bonds?), doing research etc
-the UI was not like tycoon/theme or simcity series, but instead similar to point and click adventure games. There were several 'screens', where things could be clicked/actioned. One of the screens, and this i remember quite well, had a mouse/rat in an exercise wheel (or just a cage), that you could tease. On this screen (AFAIR) the research could be done. All in all the screens were 'themed' - science/research theme, finance theme etc and if my memory is correct, sort of advisor was available in each screen.
-I do remember you could also gamble in the game to earn/loose money (also another theme/screen for that, casino-like screen? don't remember too well)
-supposedly there was music (vaguely remember, but can't define), no speech
-DOS game of course

Any ideas ?

BTW i have just vacuumed my old game shelf & found GEMFIRE (which i loved) and The Third Courier (which i never finished actually, or even did not get very far). Lol, i'm getting old with all this fondness for memories.

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