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Originally Posted by Eagle of Fire View Post
Actually, if you sell too much of anything then you also drop the prices yourself every time you sell a load...
I totally agree, but I noticed that after a few sold loads, price of silver just keeps dropping regularly, whether you sell it or not. So, if for example, you can bring silver every twentieth turn, price drops for example, four times and then fifth when you sell it, but if you can bring it every tenth turn, price drops twice, then third time when you sell it, and then twice more (before twentieth turn) and then once more (sixth time counting from the beginning) when you sell it. So, although in the end price drops one extra time, you get more profit from selling extra load at higher price.

Another thing I do is, once I get scouts to the new world, I get their horses for one turn and leave them in the colony, so I can start my horse production.

@ Japo
I'm sure Stalin would agree that it's stupid refraining from forcing people relocate from their established homes into the wasteland.
I'm sure he would, too Although, in my defence, most of the time I don't send them to wasteland, but to one of my colonies. But I still think it's just stupid how other Europeans tend to choose extremely useless location for their colonies. Sometimes it's just a matter of moving them to the next square... And I think it's stupid that stockade prevents you from abandoning. Just raze the bloody thing and bring timber with you
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