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Originally Posted by Pex View Post
Once they start building stockades, you can't abandon it of course (which is a stupid rule)
I'm sure Stalin would agree that it's stupid refraining from forcing people relocate from their established homes into the wasteland.

My playing style evolved over time from towards bigger, but there's a memory limit on the number of units that can be created. It really takes the point out of playing 4X as in Civilization. It's global (for the sum of unit of all nations), so it may not bother you if you take people from other nations but don't create a lot from food surplus.

I like all my cities ending up with the optimum (maximum) size and producing the maximum amount of everything, including liberty bells and hammers, and with all the colonists specialized in their trade. I think the management system encourages this. Later when I have some of these colonies and I want to found a new one, I set my universities to churn out specialists for the new colony. So thanks to their universities my old colonies allow me to set up a new one and make it 100% as well in a very short time.

I also like to have a big food surplus, and if I don't have another need at the moment I train my new colonists to be soldiers. I also equip them with muskets and horses as soon as I have enough for them, and I end up with ridiculously big armies. But it's now when I hit the memory limit --a message is shown every time a new colonist would have been born. Though with so many soldiers and the colonies also churning out artillery (which also counts towards the limit) after they've built everything else, I have no problem conquering cities from the other nations. But then I like to optimize them with specialists just like my own.
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