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Default Help Getting Shaders to work with DBGL


Does anyone here use DBGL? I've been trying various versions of DOSBOX that supposedly support GLSL shaders, but I can't get any of the shaders to work. I've put the shaders folder in the Dosroot folder, but shaders still don't work. I've tried Dosbox Staging, Dosbox X, Dosbox ECE and Dosbox SVN without success. (Latest Builds)

I would appreciate any help. I'm trying to get all my Dos games to look like this. ( See link below)

Also does anyone know how to get Roland Mt32 sound and speech woking at the same time using Dosbox with the game,"Beneath a Steel Sky -CD Version"? I get speech with Sb16, but no speech at all if I select the Roland driver.

I would appreciate any help. Thanks!
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