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Originally Posted by Scatty View Post
No experience with PCem unfortunately, though I might have some suspect candidats, like 128MB RAM (16-24MB is more than plenty for Windows 3.1 + Ms-Dos use, more than 32 might cause problems since at Windows 3.1 times, bigger amount than that didn't exist yet, and probably weren't supported correctly), the type of machine & chip - is that something you can select in PCem? If so, I'd probably try to go with more default ones, like Intel 486 DX2-66 (or DX4-100 if available).
Also 2GB with Fat16 might be "asking for trouble", back then 500MB-700MB was about the biggest top-notch size for hard disks, with 256MB being the standard. Don't remember entirely right now, but I think it was Fat32 which started to support sizes from 2GB on, and that was introduced with... Windows 98SE? Not yet with Windows 95 I think.

Have you tried running Win 3.1 in DosBox instead, using
these instructions? That might also help avoiding some problems on PCem.
Yeah, but I find PCEm to make it more of a authentic old PC experience.
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