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Thank you for taking a look, Spectre.

I just now double checked Compatibility Mode. I may have made a mistake, because the game now launches in the correct size, it fills the screen. However, the resolution was awful.

I went into Autoconfig and set resolution on High. It appeared to work. This is about what I remember from the original game, except motion seems too fast.

There was a problem inside the game's settings page, the screen enlarged so that some of the tabs could not be seen, and it was not possible to escape.

Used CTRL ALT DEL, hit cancel, and it went back to normal again.
Hopefully that won't keep happening.

I already had "Media Player Codec Pack" installed, but have removed and installed K Lite, just in case there are future problems. Game appeared to work even before loading K Lite.

Now I just need to figure out how to get my old Saitek joystick to "talk" to this computer.
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