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Many thanks for all the replies.

Originally Posted by zirkoni View Post
Try these:

ALT+S Slow speed
ALT+R Normal Speed
That was exactly the solution! Thanks zirkoni! It was an on-game setting that controls the speed of some screens, it was nothing about DosBox' CPU speed.

How did you get to know about these keyboard shortcuts? I don't remember using them, I guess normal speed was set as default in the Europe/multilingual version I played. In addition, I have discovered today that this game could be quit by pressing Alt+X; I usually switched off or reset my computer.

Random disasters in the game are also restored when enabling normal speed.

One weird thing about this version of the game is that purchase prices are 1 for most goods in foreign ports. I guess it is a bug, because getting money is as easy as loading a ship with cheap gold and selling it in one of the main ports.

Another difference I remember from the version I played is that you could choose if pirate fights were automatic or manual from one of the screen in the main menu. When manual fight was selected, you could use cannons in order to try to beat your opponent; it was pretty difficult and I never mastered it. The alternative was that battles were automatic and one of the adversaries was sunk randomly. In the version from abandonware sites, there is only one mode and is a mix of both, as user has the control of the boat but there are no cannons and one of the ship is sunk in an apparently random way.

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