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I bet, your problem is somewhere there:

Originally Posted by patastratos View Post
I remember playing the original game on 133 MHz, with the Turbo button on. If I am not wrong, value was 66 Mhz when turning Turbo off. I guess because of these values that this computer was already a Pentium, though I remember playing it in an older computer (486 or 386) as well.
Game of 1991 definitely is not aware of Pentium that appeared in 1993. And the best available 80486 of 1991 would give you huge 50MHz.

So it's not DOSBox that is too slow - it's Pentium that is too fast (have sense, actually, because if day takes less than 1s, it means that you cannot react precise enough). I can guess also that game is auto-set speed at the start, so can be "speed up" with increasing cycles right in the game, just as you do it with "Turbo" button. (Try Alt+F12 for that)

Also, check zirkoni reply above.
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