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Originally Posted by zirkoni View Post
A 1991 game should not require many CPU cycles in DOSBox, 5000-10000 should be enough.
That said, to get the most out of DOSBox run these commands (or edit the config):
core dynamic
cycles max

Are you sure the game doesn't have a speed setting?
Or maybe you played it originally on a really fast system (>300MHz CPU)?
Thanks for your reply zirkoni.

I have been trying with the different core values (auto, dynamic, simple, etc.) and all of them give the same result as before. I also tried "cycles max", and there was the issue I explain below.

The problem is that it seems that there are two speed paces (one normal, the other one too slow) inside the same game, and this didn't happen in the original game as I remember. A few screens in the game run at correct speed with default cycles (text scrolling, naval battles, globe spinining) while others (units movements, calendar drawing on... the most importants) seem to be slowed down in comparison to the original system where I played it. How is it possible these in-game differences? Could it be related to the way they were programmed?

The problem is that if I speed up cycles, "normal" events will look too fast while "slow" events will be almost OK. However if I don't speed it up, "normal" events will be OK but "slow" events will be too slow to play.

I remember playing the original game on 133 MHz, with the Turbo button on. If I am not wrong, value was 66 Mhz when turning Turbo off. I guess because of these values that this computer was already a Pentium, though I remember playing it in an older computer (486 or 386) as well.
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