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Originally Posted by arete View Post
Have some freshly-baked uploader cookies. I pretended I made them, all by myself
Wow! How nice, Iron Lady! I want too! But you know that the Abandonia cookies, although very tasty, are very perishable and last only a few days...

Originally Posted by tienkhoanguyen View Post

If you think I did something for you make sure you give my parents and two sisters everything like all the cash you have and all hehe

Jesus Christ! Bless GOD, Jesus Christ, Mary, and The Holy Spirit# Then bless my real mom Huong Thi Vu. Honours to my real mom Huong Thi Vu and my real dad Nguyen Binh Thuy. Congratulations to my real two sisters Nguyen Khoa Thuyen and Nguyen Khoa Thi. My humble name is Nguyen Khoa Tien#
How cool. Let’s learn the alphabet?

A: Al*Bert;
C: Cat*Bert;
D: Dil*Bert, Dino*Bert (aka Bob), Dog*Bert;
E: Eg*Bert;
G: Gil*Bert;
H: Her*Bert, Hum*bert;
N: Nil*Bert;
Q: Q*Bert;
R: Rat*Bert, Ro*Bert;
U: Um*Bert;
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