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Originally Posted by barbarian View Post
Hey, thanks for your fast reply!

I'll see what i can do. Some of these games were gifts, so I can't write a reviuew for that because I never played them.

I don't have Secret of the Silver Blades or Pools of Darkness, only the eaten-away 3.5" disks. i guess i'll have to d/l it from HotU, otherwise there's no place to put the manuals?
Well those are older games, so I think we'll eventually have a copy from someone. The thing with sold games is they can remain sold forever, so it's best to be cautious and not upload stuff prematurely. So, unless you want to review the two games I'd suggest not to upload them from other abandonware sites. Also, there's no hurry. It takes time for a game to be uploaded on the site, even with all things prepared (including review, screens and archive).

Also, if you don't want to write a review, don't. It's not necessary to submit the game with the full package. Someone else might be interested in the future and might pick the game for a review. Of course we're always happy when we have reviews ready from the very beginning.

Edit: Also, the games that go to the ISO Cellar don't really need review or screenshots. Since it's a forum section, it's posted there instantly.
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