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Originally posted by BeefontheBone@Apr 11 2005, 07:51 PM
and was much more popular, what with being better and all, and not being in such an overpopulated genre at the time. HoMM4 is definitely not abandoned - it's still on sale all over the place. The second one might be getting close to abandoned-ness though.
...You mean it isn't already? The thing hasn't been for sale in years and it came out in December of '96, well past the cutoff date. Not to mention the company responsible for the game, New World Computing, was bought out by 3DO. heck, I wonder why no one has tried uploading it already...

Anyways, back on topic. Personally I feel that the series has gone down hill since HoMM2, but I'm willing to give this new one a chance even though it will most likely have little or none of the charm that the first two captured in such large quantities. I doubt a modern game COULD capture such beauty, with the exception of something that comes out of the mind of Molyneux possibly. Nevertheless, I'm sure the game will be good even if it does stink compared to its predecessors.
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