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Default ultima IX

yes, i know the game ultima 9 sucked. i agree totally. i've used ultima 9 as a user name waaaay before ultima 9 came out; before ultima 7 came out actually, in anticipation of the finale of a great trilogy of trilogies. what a letdown. i still kept the name tho, and use it today. it's always been my alias, since the days of the UDIC before it was the UDIC (when it was on prodigy) and i plan on continuing to use it to honor the best video game series of all time. (imo) i suppose i could make fun of your name, but i can't see the point in insulting someone's user name on a forum.

he didn't answer my yes/no question with a constructive answer, or even an answer; he answered it w/ a condescending question.

perhaps i'm being overly sensitive about this :notrust: and i know that i'm a new poster here on the site (even though i've been coming here for years). however i don't see the point in being blatantly derogatory to someone who is trying to provide a service to the good people of abandonia and the software writers of the "good old days" by keeping their fantastic work alive today. i asked a question - simply to clarify a previous post - plain and simple.

i'm done w/ this argument - pigggy, you do ultima 4, i'll do ultima 3 (or should i say ultima IV and ultima III :evil. take pleasure in knowing you get to do one of the best in the series and i'll do my best to give exodus the credit it is due.

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