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Default Keyboard Controls

I actually managed to play this thing to completion using the horrid mouse controls. The reason I perservered was because back when I was younger and before it was abandonware, and back when I was broke and had parents averse to mailing off cash for purchases, I played the PC shareware version.

That shareware version had one stage (the vertically aligned starter one) and KEYBOARD CONTROLS. That's right, I'm telling you keyboard controls did exist. And you could use them to easily scroll between and keep tabs on the miners, suddenly making the auto-AI boredom stuff a fair penalty for getting too engrossed in one miner's affairs. I'm guessing somewhere out there floating around there is a FULL keyboard control PC version. THAT (unseen) version to me is definitely worthy of a 5/5 because it was a perfect game FOR ITS TIME. Note the proviso though.

The single shareware stage was one of the greatest in the full game anyway because there was a single quarter square of dirt and hole in a deep wall on the right hand side that once dug and blasted let you flood the whole map and make all sorts of crazy underwater cities and the like. Many hours of fun were had right there.

To the poster above: Bridges are simply dropped but are sticky and kinda defy physics so you can arch them outwards a bit if needbe. More importantly though, they float on water, so you can drop them carefully into a pond to cross it, or place them strategically before opening a flood gate or priming a flooding dynamite blast.
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