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I'm thinking of making a sequel to The Adventures Of Willy Beamish.

I want this game to take a couple of years later. I would like to think the game took place during 1991 and this one will take place during 1993. The reason I wanted it to take place a few years later so there was time to change. Also Willy will have some previous things from the first game as in his Jet Ski and prize money from the Frog Jump and the Nintari Championships. With a new year comes new things like a new gaming system with a sequel to Willy's favorite Nintari game and a set of new adventures. Willy has caused change in Frumpton by being a hero, people were thinking if a 9 year old can stand up to scum so can we and the end result is a better town with less crime and gangs, Frumpton was being cleaned up. When cleaning their tend to be a few blind spots. I also want most of the old cast to return and some characters Willy didn't really get to interact with before. There will be more locations and a longer game. The game time will go by days once again. Some old enemy's will be in the picture as well as new ones.

Tag Line: Adventures get better with age

What do you guys think of a sequel along the lines of this?

Also right now I'm wrestling over wether to have this game be 2D like the 1st game or 3D like how their doing KQ9.
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