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i have the same problem as others cant find this lady statue ,i only found a sign to entertained her ,i know that have to paly the flute but where is this lady??? ,I already used the 2 combinations from the paper and switched the levers in the other 2 rooms but still no idea how to continue.There are two locked doors to one i need a key and second opened elsewere,how to open a second door, i have found a sign on this level "gift is requaired to visit the lady" someone knows what gift??? - this is level 22 i found 2 rooms to teleport usin the top teleporter(in the room with 4 switches) in one there was switch on column in second two wooden levers ,also on this level i discovered a hidden teleport and within a 1 wooden lever, plate and a door opened elsewere (i dont know how to open it) ,i know this post is a little mess but i seriously need help
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