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Default pokemon XY

'Course not played it, but found some videos about it, and later games (youtube 's offers once proved semi-useful).

Seems sy at the company looked out first time the office's window, and saw "hm, facebook games!" and started to transform the pokemon franchise into a portable facebook-games, because that requires barely any work, and can mean tons of money.

On the other hand I feel (and the fanbase seems to agree to a decree) that this is the same move as Diablo: Immortal (or that Command&Conquer mobile). Bringing a franchise to an oversimplified platform is bad for business.
For all sake, Pokemon in its core is a classic retro PUZZLE GAME. If you take that away, you remove your fanbase, aka. lead away your customers.

So, Pokemon is sinking, With the stable fan-made ROMs the console exclusivity disappears. I dunno what's the solution, but a renewal is begging to happen, else the whole thing can easily collapse.
Pokemon Go became a succes because of accessibility, not because of content. But with a franchise progressing, the customers expect content. Sure, you can milk your franchise dry like with the Saw movies, but think for a moment!
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