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Talking Option?

Originally Posted by Japo View Post
Apparently F8 doesn't work since Windows 8 *in practice* when you have a fast hard drive, because it boots too fast, even though the key hadn't been removed from Windows. They say it happens specially if you have an SSD and UEFI, but for me F8 wouldn't work no matter how many times I tried, and I have a 10-year old PC with a rotary HDD.

In short, if you want to enter safe mode, try F8. If it doesn't work, don't wait for it to boot and press Ctrl+Alt+Supr. Try again, and if F8 fails three times and you interrupt booting with Ctrl+Alt+Supr every time, Windows will then give you a boot menu where you can choose Safe Mode -- guessing that there's something wrong, the same if the user or a PC problem interrupted booting three times in a row.

Re:update advanced options, I see the same as you, including the "delivery optimization" and so. I just cropped it :-)

Hey, mates,

do you know some option which will tell me,

even i am gaming, that new event occurs in AB?

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