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Originally Posted by TotalAnarchy View Post

Originally Posted by TotalAnarchy View Post
By the way, since our extras system doesn't accept rar, I've uploaded it as ZIP. But that actually increases the size to >1MB. Check it out for yourself :\ Sorry
Is that bad? (I mean, is hosting large files problematic?) I could upload it as a self-extracting 7zip archive, but then again, this might be confusing for people who use other OS's than Windows.

Another solution would be to put the RAR archive inside a zip archive. I used this to upload RAR files on a forum that did not accept RAR attachments.

A perfect solution (in my opinion) would be a DOS-based patch program akin to RTPatch that could be run in DOSBox, thus eliminating the OS compatibility issue, but I haven't been able to find any freeware patch generators that would be compatible with DOS. If you happen to know one, tell me
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