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Default Colourful Tetris-Clone with Monkey Scientist that bursts into flames

Is the title interesting enough?

Hey there everyone, I just found this forum, and you might be my saviours. Let's get down to business:

It was some kind of Tetris-clone with a singleplayer and a multiplayer VS mode, and multiple characters. I do not know if different characters had different abilities.

The only character I remember is the "main" one, that you play in singleplayer, which is a Monkey dressed up like a scientist, that would burst into flames or turn into some kind of Hulk when you would game over.

Other characters (unplayable in the unpaid shareware) would sometimes pop up to say "Nice!" or "Ugh..." when you'd do good or bad moves. I remember that there's a special block (bomb perhaps?) that I used to screw up often as a kid, causing a young woman with glasses to pop in to say "Ugh...".

Technical info:

It was a shareware game that I never bought. I must have gotten it from a "free games" website that included shareware demos.

I played this game in the year 2000, or 2001

I played it on a Windows 2000 computer, I believe. It might have been Windows 98, but I'm more confident on 2000.

The graphics and art were great. Not pixelly at all, animated character portraits were TV cartoon quality.

There was speech (very brief sound effects of speech, not full voice acting)

The music is what made me still remember this game to this date. It was very smooth, I liked it a lot, but I can't really describe it, except say that it wasn't chiptune or low-quality.

It was definitely a Tetris-clone, with a few special blocks. I don't remember the details, though.

I attached to this post a drawing of what I could remember.

I'll have email notifications on, and will definitely be monitoring this thread.

Thanks in advance, everyone.
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