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Originally Posted by onenpiepah View Post
I can vouch for GoGamer, especially their 48 hour "madness" deals.

I've ordered twice from them and the item arrived quickly, with a ridiculously low $1.99 shipping charge, and in perfect condition.

I should warn that I had trouble with their Min. Sys Requirements--they left out a line on Psychonauts that would have told me I couldn't actually run the game on a GeForce4 MX (actually a deceitfully repackaged GeForce2--I'll spare you the sob story). So just double check the minimum requirements at Gamespot or something and order with confidence. GoGamer offered me a refund, but heck, it only cost me $8 total for a great new game--I'll just wait until I upgrade!
I agree. I shop at gogamer all the time. Their 48-Hour Madness Sales are a good place to find deals.
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