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Exclamation How to extract a VHD File's contents using 7-ZIP

Ok guys, this will be as simple as possible, so if you need help, just message me.

Stuff you will need:
  • a VHD file (Obviously)
  • 7-ZIP (it's free)
  • an external Hard drive (again Obviously)

Skill level: Novice

ok now that we got all that out of the way, let's get started

ok so 1st off, get 7-ZIP because it's free and you'll need it. here's the link:

Once you've installed it, navigate to the VHD file you want to extract and right click it, and select "open with". (i'm using my windows 95 vhd)

find and select "7-ZIP File Manager" or "7-ZIP FM". if it's not on the list navigate to "C:\Program Files\7-Zip" and select "7zFM.exe"

Once you've done that, 7-ZIP will open showing the contents of the VHD file

Then all you have to do is extract the files to the device you want to use (i don't have a hard drive on hand, so I'll just use a directory)

and you're done, all you have to do now is just insert the hard drive into whatever device you want to boot...

Now for some quick notes:
  • If you see this on other forums, don't be alarmed. I will have posted it myself, and that's because not everyone knows about winworld, so i'm just spreading the word to more than one source so everyone can see it and know how to do it.

    also, i've put black boxes (censors) around my name for privacy reasons. if want to get in contact with me either message me in this forum or use my email ""

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