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Default Free Realms: The Latest Innovate FREE MMORPG

Free Realms: The Latest Innovate FREE MMORPG

Reviewed by The CrybKeeper


Score: 4 and 1/2 stars(out of 5)

Rating: E10+ for Everyone 10 and up

Platform: PC

Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment

Price: Free, but with optional membership and microtransactions

Adventure through forests, dungeons and mountain realms, fighting Robgoblins and Nasty Faeries, while searching for treasure — it's an adventurers dream come true, in the latest multiplayer online role-playing game, called Free Realms, from Sony Entertainment Online.

My 10 year old daughter and I, are both signed up for the free version and have joined forces in this game. Honestly, you will not find the game lacking in the free version, but some of the extra goodies you can get for a mere US dollar, can be a very tempting offer.

Heather plays upstairs ISP and I play downstairs. It's wonderful to experience the enjoyment a game offers, while sharing the experience with your children and also being able to keep a close eye on them in a MMORPG enviroment.

The 360 degree, 3D enviroment the game offers, is not only family friendly, it's also very nicely done and lag time never seems apparent- even though Free Realms has hit the 2,000,000 member mark recently. We started out on serverers 1 and 2, but recently are seeing server 6, 8, 10.... and still going up. It's nice that Sony seems prepared for the surge of members.

You can take on several job titles in Free realms. Heather is a cook and I am a pet trainer. Sure, you can even have your own pet, to adventure along with in Free Realms. Other jobs include, adventurer, wizard, derby car driver and all-around thug. Free version gives you eight unique geographies to explore and over 500 quests!

Free Realms is definitely worth a look and the premium price of $4.99 a month, seems a fair amount for the extra 400 items, new jobs, being posted to leaderboards and new places to explore.

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