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Default Daggerfall Unity (engine remake)

This video gave me a good idea of the status of Daggerfall Unity, even though it's not about the latest version now (0.2.5 instead of 0.3):

I was specially interested in dungeon maps -- to check them out go to 16:10. I would need to play some dungeons myself to find out if the improvements are enough to make them navigable, but at least there are improvements from the original.

Besides higher resolution of course (which helps discerning 3D much better, a problem specially in these 3D dungeon maps), Unity allows you to hide or show the whole dungeon with different transparency from the area you are in, and shows markers at where you currently are and at the exit (so hard to find in Daggerfall maps).

The problem remains that dungeons in Daggerfall are too maze-like because they make no architectural sense. An engine remake like Unity will never change the actual map data.

On the other hand I am a little surprised that they are spending time in eye candy for the sky, landscapes, grass, water reflections etc, while quests and many other core features aren't implemented yet. There seems to be the main engine development, which supports and encourages modding, and then many community developers are making all kinds of mods even though the main game is far from playable.

Unity seems now to be the most actively developed Daggerfall engine remake, if you check the website, and the author is posting updates on Twitter almost hourly. The other remake I had heard about was the XL engine, but it looks dead since years ago:
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