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Hi, a weeks ago I remembered a game I played in my chilhood and now I can't remember the name, the details I remember are:
  • 2D Sidescrolling (actually not scrolling, the level was entirely in the screen)
  • Platfrormer engine
  • I played it in 2000's in a computer with win95 (Pentium 4), also, at that time I hadn't internet conection so the game was pre-installed
  • The main character was a fat short man, and some of the abilities were gross like farting or throwing mucosa
  • The first level: dark ambiance, a jail in background, in the bottom there was water and there was some platforms one in particular touching the water and if you steped on it, a shark come out and eat you, also in the north-east corner there was some pylons broken and the goal of this level was to break in the jail
  • The second level: was red pylon themed and there was a timer I guess or some badass monster in the middle, getting the exit was hard and was hidden
  • Nexts levels: One of them had toilets like teleporters I guess (not sure) and I guess there was a cinematic of you gettiing shocked in a electric chair
  • I guess it was 256 color
I give you my best description also if I remember something I'll post it here, thanks for your time guys.

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