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Originally Posted by Mystvan View Post
Dear old Master of Funk, I have already reported the problem to the Admins and Super Mods 6 hours ago. Let’s hope there is some corrective action that will undo this chaos.

From my point of view, it might well be that someone hacked the Admin account LAS (dummy) and maybe even the Admin account of the red avatar.

The only visible problems:

• The changes in the names of the roles (| HACKED);

• The changes in account of LAS on the main site;

• And lastly because the LAS has suddenly gained more than 400 million PoE! This is very unfair!
Thanks for your quick and friendly response. I believe your theory about LAS is true since it shows the same profile picture as the twitter account of the hacker, who managed to hack Abandonia in 2016.
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