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Talking Morrigan is really nice girl. His breasts make me ...

Originally Posted by Capo View Post
I hope you manage to bring in your bed morrigan or leliana
Ha ha ha,

My team now:

me - Mage - Lvl 9

Morrigan - Mage - Lvl 9

Alistair - Fighter - Lvl 9

Wynne - Mage - lvl 10
Sry, i changed stupid dog Capo with very powerful Mage Wynne.
Sadly she is not so young and pretty like Morrigan.
BTW, i tryed some personal chat with nice Morri, but
its meaning is not good for my task.

-- I did this hard quest of The Urn !!
I did my best and maybe in a mean time i will do small spoiler.

Very nice game but very long dialogues.
I like Doom 2 because no words but AK47 in action.
Do not make personal remarks - said Alice.
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