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If you are going to play this game, keep these points in mind:

1. A lot of the character creation is pointless, mainly because most of the abilities dragged in from the pen and paper RPG are not used in this PC reproduction.

2. Keeping the first point in mind, concentrate on making characters with rifle and heavy weapons specialisations as they will do the majority of the fighting.

3. Make sure you also have the following specialisations as and when you need them: medical, interrogation, mechanic, forward observer, tracked vehicle and wheeled vehicle. You will need characters with these abilities.

4. Make sure your characters doing the bulk of your fighting have an initiative level 4 or higher, otherwise the enemy will get in a lot more shots than you!

5. Make sure your leader can speak Polish, otherwise you will constantly have to waste time bringing over a character from HQ who can speak it to interpretate. Russian would also be useful.

6. Make sure that all characters can speak as many languages as possible, but not at the expense of fighting skills. Make sure that if some peasant out in Poland speaks Scots-Gaelic (yes, it happens for some strange reason) some guy in your squad can speak the lingo.

7. If you want to create a good rifle-based character, use the random allocation for ability scores and keep on saying 'no', until their strength, agility and constitution scores are above 7 (random allocation allows for greater points spent than manual). Enter that character to army and special forces then sniper to boost the rifle skill.

8. For heavy weapons characters, do the same as above, but enter them for the artillery section of the army.

9. If your character creation gets interrupted too early (second or third time) by 'war breaks out', ditch that character, then keep on going until you get their abilities higher.
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