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Argh! I don't know what in the world I'm doing wrong, but I once again failed to upload a file on the FTP server So I've attached it here (sorry for the inconvenience! )

Essentially, it is an update of the patch for Dune II. First off, to meet the requests of people who do not use Windows but would still like to install the patch, I changed it from a Windows patching executable to a simple RAR archive with all the necessary files inside. This has increased the overall package siza quite a bit, but I think there's an advantage to it as it also helps patch compatibility: this method of distribution does not have the limitations of a patcher which can only be successfully applied to a "clean" version (especially taking into account how many different official releases there are already).

Secondly, there are new fixes affecting various aspects of the game, for example, there were some problems with digitized sound effects - some of them would have an audible clicking noise in the end (e.g. rifle and machine gun fire) - which are now fixed in this new version of the patch. A detailed account of all fixes is in the supplied readme file.

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