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Originally posted by Spoonman@Jun 18 2005, 11:15 AM
Is there even a real finish to this game? I remember coming to a point where I just plopped back at the beginning. Bit of a turndown that.
There's actual a very very sneaky backdoor "cheat" to this game to beat it in less than 15 minutes (if everything goes well). Here's what you have to do - but it's REALLY complicated to describe, and pretty complicated to actually pull off.

1. At the very beginning, instead of going right into the room, climb up over the pit and continue on the ceiling to the next room.

2. Here you'll be able to climb up onto a helipad (directly above the second room). Getting the helicopter to work right is tricky. Basically, climb onto it, and jump around to activate it. Stay on it until it reaches the top of it's flight (it appears to go just up and down). But before it actually lands, you'll have to jump off and sort of swing around to the edge of the screen. This is hard to describe.

3. If everything goes right, then you'll actually land the helicopter directly above the LAST ROOM OF THE GAME. The helipad room itself looks the same, and it appears as if the helicopter just went up and then straight down, but if you climb down into the room below, you'll see that it's the final boss room, where Mysterio is holding Mary Jane captive.

4. This is the next really crazy, tricky part. At first it looks like you can't do anything because the room below is blocked off (there's no way to actually get at Mysterio). I think the designers left this in just as a sneak peak of the final boss. BUT, you can actually exploit a bug that will let you slide through the wall on the left and get into the room. It's really weird, but here it is:

a. Climb back onto the helicopter and launch it.

b. Before it gets too high, swing a web to the left side of the screen, jump off, and tumble/somersault/fall your way to the left edge of the screen.

c. If you land in just the right (wrong?) way, you'll actually get stuck inside the wall in the next room, and after some more tumbling, you'll be able to slide down and into the room.

After this, I can't remember exactly the best way to beat up Mysterio, but watch out for the electric/lava pit/something on the ground - it'll kill Spider-Man. ALSO, be careful about the switch somewhere on the ceiling - it will start moving the walls and will kill Mary Jane.

Disclaimer: this was all done from memory, so I'm not sure if I missed some of the exact details. Good luck getting it to work! I'll try it again when I get the time and try to post screenshots.
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