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I would like to suggest the addition of 2 games from an old german DOS shareware CD to the database. They cannot be found on the internet at the moment and I would like to make them available to the internet community for documentation purposes before they get lost in time. They're in the process of being added to Mobygames by myself.

The first one is "Diamond Peter" (1993), a Boulder Dash clone. Mobygames link with description and screenshots:
Download link on

The second one is "Escape from Monster Castle" (1993), which is a Gauntlet variant. The addition to Mobygames hasn't been finalised yet, but I already uploaded it on with a description, several screenshots and a download link:

If the games are deemed suitable I would love to send the files and screenshots. I have already written descriptions for both games and could surely expand those into short reviews if necessary.

Both games cannot be bought or even found anywhere. They were presumably only released in Germany. Additionally, the versions above are only the shareware versions, so at least from the legal viewpoint there shouldn't be any problem.

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