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Today it's the turn of "Best of the Best: Championship karate":

I wasn't happy with the versions of the game I've found so far. Either they are password protected or for some reason they take forever to show the main menu.

I'm attaching both an unprotected version by Darkness and the closest I've found to an unaltered original, plus a PDF manual (in French only, I'm afraid) and a PDF with the copy protection codes. This latest I've made it myself, and I think it's easier to use than the manual, which features the fighters' faces in B/W only.

The game has some issues under DOSBox: it tries to reproduce digital samples using either the PC speaker or the AdLib. The PC speaker sounds OK, but the AdLib option is not recommended. It also supports the Roland MT-32 for both music and FX, which I think it's rare.
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