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Andy Reed

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Great topic on this forum. I generally like writing reviews about everything new: about new films, about the release of new albums of favorite singers, about the books I read, and of course, the games are no exception.
I believe that there is no more significant science than history. The only history reveals to us a huge world of events, instructive stories, legendary personalities, and destinies. History does not stand still, with each passing day it becomes wider, richer.
And now to the point.
Arnhem is an excellent historical game, in which I fully get used to the role. The atmosphere is really thought out to the smallest detail, which creates the impression of a complete reality . It is in this game that I like to play alone. The only thing I do not like is that the combat units occupy a square 2 2. Too little territory is obtained.
I also want to say a few words about the Battles of Napoleon. The most surprising thing about it is that you can choose the terrain by yourself, choose the types of troops, and edit weapons. But the graphics are not so good.
About games, I can write endlessly ...
I have two favorite things to do - to play games or write scientific articles.
If you are interested in reading my speech example, go to the site!
I would be pleased to hear your comments.
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