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Default TNN Bass Tournament '96 for MS-DOS

I have a retail disc copy of TNN Bass Tournament '96 for MS DOS. This game isn't anywhere on any site. I've never seen it even on underground gamer back in the day. I was wondering if Emuparadise would like an ISO image for the Abandonware section. This was developed by the same that made the Genesis version, and has superior sound and gameplay to the genesis version.

Developer: Imagitec Design, Inc.
Publisher: American Softworks
Year: 1996
Platform: MS-DOS

I have an ISO Rip available.

Like I said, an abandonware copy of this game isn't anywhere on the internet, no matter how hard you look. It does not work well on dos box. I don't know how many copies were sold of this game, but it's a classic from my childhood. I did buy it for 19.99 from CD Access, they still have it for 4.99 but the company that developed this game, and it's publisher is no longer around, thus I consider it Abandonware, since there also has been no TNN Bass games since the mid 90s.

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