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Originally Posted by marko river View Post
Yes I understand common user will have hard time, but I guess it can't be helped. We already host some win games that require this win3.11 on dosbox solution. And yes, surely there must be guide how to run the game. We include at the end of review How to run the game section and afterwards give support in game discussion and in troubleshooting forum. It is not perfect but gets the job done and games played

I see your CD. Please try to scan it, like really put it in the scanner and get picture of CD. We should add it as boxshot.

As for full screen - do you remember could it be played in full screen back in days? Not sure what's wrong there.

OK, I think I'll have more time next week, so if you agree on which archives to offer, let me know
scanned cd in high quality. don't know what size would fit best so i took maximum

edit: WTF imgur... 893,96 KB? next try...
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