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I enjoyed Oblivion at first, but found it increasingly dull after a while. The combat felt repetitive and frustrating, especially since all the monsters levelled up with you.

The extent of those extra levels for the majority of monsters was just an increased health bar and stronger attacks. No additional tactics or thought was required. If you made an error while levelling (making the sin of creating a non-combat character), then all the enemies would quickly become too much for you. This obviously works in reverse, and once you realise this the combat can become foolishly easy.

The levelling was so poorly thought out, I would recommend anyone to attempt the battle of Kvatch at varying levels. If you go there early on, it seems bizarre that a whole city could get killed by Scamps, but going there at a high level means that all of the AI soldiers get killed almost immediately.

I also felt quite annoyed that they hyped "Radiant AI" for ages beforehand, only to almost completely turn it off when the released the game. As such, the AI appears to be no more advanced than Ultima VII, which means they probably wasted rather a lot of time and effort.

The longer I spend with the game, the more I focus on the flaws rather than the positive elements. Unfortunately since Oblivion has such a vast amount of content (something which people see as a positive, rather than a negative), I found myself annoyed with the flaws long before I was anywhere near seeing every interesting part. After a while I just rushed through the main quest and have never installed it since.
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