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The ISO Cellar is a directory of links, but the thing is that it's for games that we aren't able to host ourselves (because of size), and so it was founded as a place where people could post their links. But because Abandonia can't host those large archives, you have to find a hosting service yourself.

People usually resort to websites such as Fileserve, Rapidshare, Mediafire... or formerly Megaupload, which as you might know is no longer in business because of huge legal problems.

I think another tutorial is good, even if some of the existing ones already explain this. Competition from new and possibly more accessible tutorials may help people who are put off by the little help the can find. A new perspective from a different person may help other people with similar mindsets. There's no question that using CDs and image files in DOSBox is easy once you understand virtual drive mounting, but that's always been the entrance barrier of DOSBox precisely.
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