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Originally Posted by Japo View Post
This raises again the question of user ratings. :P Have you noticed that many websites now tend to use a binary like/dislike rating instead of 1-5 stars (YouTube actually changed from the later to the former)? Myself I think something like 0-10 score is appropriate for the editor's rating (event though it's completetly subjective and other editor would give a completely different rating), but I think simply like or dislike, thumbs up or down, works better for "collective intelligence".
I already mentioned this in chatbox: I wanted to replace the ratings with a thumbs up or down as well. This means people can't affect the ratings as much, either. If they hate a game or merely dislike it, it will have the same rating.

And Darth: this is not about elitism, though. It's about genre bullying or: more popular genres totally overshadowing the great talent in the smaller genres which leads to even average games in the popular genres getting way more attention than even the best games in the smaller genres. AND about public voting being useless as an extension to that.

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