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I won't get into the fight over console games ruining PC games again since me and Red have similar ideas but different people to blame, however I do want to point out that mainstream games will always get more votes/likes/downloads/love whatever you want to call it. But they also get more hate as well.

There are always going to be people who play something that they were never going to like and then want to tell everyone they know how bad it was. It often makes them feel better. But saying that only people who like certain types of games have valid opinions is a bit odd.

I don't really like FPS games but am quite able to understand why others do and find things in them that I like and dislike. I also think I can be a rather unbiased judge of any game I play and I think that is more the point, bias. Some people just can't seperate their emotinal bias from thinking about how to judge a game. E.T on the Atari is a prime example, everyone who has heard of it will tell you it is a horrible game, the worst ever to come out, however looking at it critically it isn't a good game but it isn't a horrible one either. It even sold well.

Until every person who votes or judges a game (or anything else) can remove all of their own personal bias the scores will always be the same. I think your idea is valid Red but it smells of elitism something I can't stand that amongst gamers, everyone likes different things and are allowed to voice that opinion if they are given the chance.

Anyone who decides what they are going to play just because of a artifical score is bound to be let down and anyone who thinks that something is wrong just because their favourite game is scored just like their most hated is missing the point. Someone else out there thinks that it is all the other way around.
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