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Default Listen Up! Public opinions ...

Top 50 of Best Games! Read our Top 10! The Readers Top 1000 of the Greatest Games of All Time! So great, each word has to be capitalized! You see them everywhere - in every magazine and on every site. So many pages have been devoted to them, so many trees have been cut down to print them but, in the end, are they more than a display of public ignorance?

A game such as Fallout 3 gets much higher rankings and votes than its older turn based brothers Fallout 1 & 2. Yet almost every RPG player worth his or her salt, will proclaim the older two games to be far superior in many ways. Myself, I can appreciate both approaches but as far as turn based RPGs are concerned, you can't do much better than Fallout 1&2 and they truly are great games so why do they fail to show up in most top 100 lists? The answer is simple: because this is a popularity contest, and this means popular genres will always bully the less popular ones in submission.

Flight simulators, turn based games, tycoon games, adventure games, etc. these are all genres which contain some incredibly gems that rarely make the big news. The developers of the next Call of Duty game can't fart without it being covered by every site, but news of a quality strategy game is quickly overlooked. Just like democracy is heavily flawed because it's all about popularity above qualities, so is any ranking of games based on votes made by the public. Even on Abandonia, the public score is completely pointless. The biggest gems receive 3.5/5 and the mediocre crap receives ... 3.5/5.

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