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Originally Posted by The Fifth Horseman View Post
Overlay output doesn't support scaling to anything else than multiples of the original resolution. Switch to ddraw.
Did you read that somewhere, or did you test it? It doesn't agree with my experience. Besides 1200 is anyway an integer multiple of both 200 (original vertical resolution of the game) and 240 (if aspect-corrected). But I have 1080 pixels of vertical resolution and with output=overlay every game fills the whole height.

But, AnyKey, do experiment with any possible option for output. Also try changing scaler, even to and fro the 2x and 3x--although as far as I know there's a difference between those only when resolution=original... Bear in mind this may be a driver issue, in that land there are lots of particularities and bugs beyond DOSBox's control.

There's a test can make: take a screenshot while fullscreen, but not with DOSBox, rather with Windows (PrnScr). Then paste the image somewhere (MS Paint) and measure the actual resolution of the image finally sent by the graphic card. In case this should not be what you expected (1920x1200), that would really explain this and may point to a cause.

I'm intrigued by this, because graphic scaling is a part of DOSBox at the same time complicated and grossly undocumented and hugely important.
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