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Originally Posted by TheChosen View Post
I hope DaggerXL will be more than just "alternative to dosbox". I really hope they are gonna restore missing content. From what I recall, there are stuff like disguises, deeper politics (including countries attacking each others, which would start sieges) and prostitutes that got cut.
And horse riding enemies where planned. Well first the creator wants to focus on the vanilla content recreation, but plans are that the whole game will be moddable. There's a lot of ground that's just being there, so technically one could add whole cities. And it already is more then an alternative, because it implements heightmaps so you have hills and valleys, the whole map really is connected, so you can walk from one town to the next, the visibility is brutal and I think the geographically correct textures are just about ready. I've been following this project since last June, and it is really promising. Though some disagree that it's not the original, but hey, I'm happy that someone is still caring for this game
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